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 ‘If you want the rainbow, you have to get used to the rain’. But we don’t believe that, do we?!

With the belief that we should all have the better things in life, regardless of what came before, I Am The Rainbow celebrates living for the moment; it finds joy in the everyday; it gives you that feeling you get when you’re watching your favourite band, surrounded by your besties. I Am The Rainbow doesn’t care about the rain or the clouds, because quite frankly, we all deserve to find the joy that the rainbow brings!

Run by Tottenham based artist Rachel Rainbow (that's her pictured!), I Am The Rainbow brings Rachel’s creative pieces including print, collage, card making and jewellery together.

Rachel studied printmaking at Norwich School of Art and Design. She now uses a combination of print, collage and other mixed media to create eye-catching designs. Rachel is also branching out into murals within the home. Recent works include a kids’ bedroom with a rainbow theme and a 70’s retro themed living room mural.

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